Our Services

      We target the overall scope of a project. First Central Mortgage Funding Inc thoroughly assesses your funding requirements and directs you to options that successfully get the job done.  The mortgage agents, expert assets, acquisition professionals and marketing survey managers all add value to the capabilities of First Central Mortgage Funding, better helping to analyze the choices and advocating the best suited plan to finance your venture. Based on our extensive resources and expertise, we typically suggest financing that mortgage lenders and brokers fail to see.
      1. Offer Loans for Repositioning or Renovation
      2. Offer Bridge Loans for interim needs
      3. Offer Construction Loans to a hundred percent of construction financial allowance
      4. Offer Refinance and Acquisition Loans to eighty-five percent loan-to-value
                 5. Offer consultations on funding or lending requirements, property valuations, risk assessment and development plans for real estate, commercial, or retail ventures, et cetera.

To get the desired funding and that much closer to the venture of your dreams, call a licensed mortgage broker today to tender your application to First Central Mortgage Funding Inc, the best choice for your mortgage funding.


Loan Service Types

Bridge Financing

      All types of interim funding can support demanding or multifaceted scenarios when it reflects on a service or time. The idea behind bridge loans is to provide a funding service that is to be paid back fairly fast. Real estate borrowers tend to seek out bridge loans as a vital element for long-term strategies. First Central Mortgage Funding can power the loan that you necessitate and can assist borrowers identify all factors and scenarios to advantageously handle future endeavors with heightened outcomes.

Refinance and Acquisition Loans
First Central Mortgage Funding Inc funds up to eighty-five percent loan-to-value on ventures including, but not limited to:

        • Commercial Buildings
        • Automotive Services Properties
        • Restaurants
        • Development
        • Manufacturing and Processing Plants
        • Warehouse and Light Industrial Properties
        • Hospitality Properties
        • Raw Land
        • Self Storage Facilities
        • Multi Family Housing
        • Single Family Residential
        • Unique Properties on a case-by-case basis
        • Various Applications

Construction Loans
Construction Loans are generally characterized as interim loans employed by borrowers for financing real estate construction expenses. Each construction loan differs from one another through a specific service, duration of the building development, and the experience of the borrower. First Central Mortgage Funding can lend a hand to developers by locating the key approach to move forward with their development plan using a tailored solution we offer.

Renovation and Repositioning Loans
Similar to a construction loan, a renovation loan focuses on providing finances for the particular objective of improving property that is available. First Central Mortgage Funding’s mortgage experts are persistent at planning and finalizing such transactions in a timely fashion with consideration to put the borrower’s efforts at ease.